Neumann House

What is Neumann House?

Neumann House is a transatlantic innovation hub: a multifunctional community space and business accelerator located in booming Redwood City, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. With its extensive support services fused with a local mentor and community network, Neumann House helps high-growth Hungarian and other European startups succeed on a global scale. It is also the headquarters of its founding partners: WhiteSpace, owned by White Summers, a premier technology law firm; and Neumann Society, a non-profit transatlantic innovation community.

What we do

Neumann House offers office space, easy access to important business and legal services at a discounted price, education programs and help with critical needs like navigating fundraising or engaging with local business networks. With its tailored offerings, Neumann House helps Hungarian and other European startups grow and join the expanding list of Hungarian-American tech success stories like LogMeIn, Prezi and Ustream.


Office space

Neumann House is a flexible coworking space. Not only is it a place to connect innovators with services, but it hosts the vibrant, supportive community fostered by its parent organization, Neumann Society.

Whitespace OfficeWhitespace Office

Neumann House is also a drop-in point for companies, affiliates and partners to co-mingle and co-work, while having free access to lawyers specializing in domestic and international corporate and technology law. Start with as little as one cubicle and grow as you can. In line with Neumann Society’s non-profit innovation mission, Neumann House prices are deeply discounted, making it uniquely competitive.

  • Open 24×7 with secured card access
  • Free attached parking lot
  • Caltrain station nearby (10-minute easy walk)
  • Free high speed Wi-Fi access
  • Immediate occupancy in co-working space
  • On-site discounted legal, accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Free access to 2 conference rooms and 3 collaboration rooms
  • Dining area (2 kitchens with professional coffee machines)
  • Media room
  • Locker room
  • Free relaxation & games room
  • Mail and package handling
  • Free use of designated printer / scanner / copier
  • Networking events and education workshops
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Help with hosted events on special arrangement

Legal and business advising

Through Neumann House only, get a 25% discount on the following packages:

  • Start-up Formation Package (Delaware formation; California qualification; template formation documents; free counsel from WhiteSpace attorney during WhiteSpace visiting hours; plus two hours of legal counsel);
  • Flip Package (US is parent, KFT is sub; complex structuring; plus US- and HU-side work);
  • Legal Operational Retainer (monthly retainer for ongoing work in US and HU);
  • Seed Funding Package (customized, curated investor lists through Pitchbook; review of pitch deck and investment materials; strategy analysis on positioning, funding requirements, investment story; plus price negotiation guidance);
  • US Business Development Package (strategy analysis on marketing and sales; review of US customer targets, pricing and launch plan; plus guidance on assembly of US sales and business development team).


By joining Neumann House you will have access to its extensive network of VCs and corporate investors as well as professional coaching leading to successful funding. Neumann Society is also working on a special scholarship program for those in financial need and/or exemplary alignment with the Society’s mindful innovation mission including students, researchers and startuppers.


Neumann House works together with its growing mentor network and partners to provide valuable education resources:

  • Silicon Valley networking
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Legal, Tax and Accounting
  • Go-to-Market
  • Fundraising
  • Business Development
  • Pitching
  • Startup Case Studies


Neumann House helps startups attract and retain talent in both Silicon Valley and Hungary through its support community and extensive partner network. Our mentors, serial entrepreneurs, industry veterans and former consultants are all looking to advise startups and possibly come on as full-time employees or co-founders. Neumann House can help you source the people you need to grow your business.

Neumann Team


Any inquiries should be sent to and we’ll reply asap. IMPORTANT: for the time being, visiting the House is by appointment only, walk-ins are not accepted, so make sure you drop an e-mail a few days before you plan to show up.

Mentorship platform (coming soon!)

Neumann House is developing a platform that provides access to its growing support network of partners in the innovation ecosystem:

  • Corporate Partners
  • Academic/Research Partners
  • Business Advisory Partners
  • Investor Partners
  • Technology Partners
  • Mentors and Advisors
  • Local Hungarian and other European innovation communities

Our mentors are experienced executives, serial entrepreneurs and experts who are excited about innovation and enjoy helping entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes and accelerate their journey to success. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch and receive immediate feedback in an informal setting to practice and network.

Mentors bring their experience and expertise across a wide spectrum, including:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Financial planning and fundraising
  • Business development
  • Technology Stack
  • Product Management
  • Big Data
  • Social innovation

Interested in becoming a mentor? Want to pitch your startup to our mentors? Send an e-mail to and we’ll keep you posted. Our mentoring platform is scheduled to launch for the public at the end of Summer 2015.

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