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Join millions of donors who are inspired by the generous spirit of the holiday season and donate on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, December 2, 2014. Neumann Society joined the world’s biggest philanthropy campaign supported by the White House, major cities worldwide, caring corporations and millions of individual donors like yourself. We encourage all our friends to spread the good news.

Neumann #HunnovatorsGive before December 3rd and we’ll use the extra attention we get to say a big Thank You for your generous support on all channels possible.

We need your donation for Neumann Society, a charitable organization founded by a community of Hungarian-born innovators in Silicon Valley. This new type of community aims at showcasing Hungarian talent and creating a forum for them to shine and foster thought exchange.

We are constantly striving to find out how we can best help identify, nurture, showcase and promote Hungarian talent and creativity to realize its full potential in the 21st century and in a transatlantic context.

To create more impact with our work, we are asking for monetary donations if you are interested in helping our new exciting initiative. We hope you will support us on this deeply transformational adventure to breed a new kind of innovation community for the next generation of Hungarian leaders.

What are we asking funds for? Why should you invest in Neumann Society?

A great way to give back is by helping us fund a variety of scholarships and internships for talented Hungarian students.

landing_hunnoOur aim is to offer educational and training opportunities to exceptional young talent (aka #Hunnovators)  coming from modest social backgrounds including students, researchers and startuppers. Neumann Society negotiates partnerships with partner institutions and provides various grants for talented youth to realize their full potential.

There is no such thing as too small; even the smallest donations add up!



#Hunnovators would get the following benefits and the decision is in your hands:


will cover the costs of approximately one quarter’s accommodation per Hunnovator.


will cover the costs of approximately one year of  food expenses per Hunnovator.


will cover the cost of approximately one round-trip flight from Hungary per Hunnovator.


will cover the costs of approximately half a year’s school supply and textbooks per Hunnovator student.




In the past couple of days we have launched a transatlantic campaign to collect media content on #Hunnovators of great renown and great promise.

Your donations will support us to get more hunnovators on the Pinterest #Hunnovators Hall of Fame. Please take a look!

Hunnovators Hall of Fame Pinterest

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Please also consider donating to our other causes.

Thank you for generosity, we are grateful for your support!

The Neumann Society is a Section 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. We advise that you please consult your tax advisor for further information.

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