Freelusion: Mapping the World from the Heart of Europe

Freelusion GroupInnovation in the Heart of Europe is an immensely exciting topic. In the last couple of years technology and human potential have developed at an incredible pace in Hungary and in the region as well. Thousands of professionals have started to build their carriers by producing something new, something unique and as a result they have become the basis of the region’s economic future. Technological innovation has been booming, allowing us to find a niche in our core market.

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We at Freelusion are producing quality products and services by targeting the market worldwide from our HQ in Central Europe. Our team consists of people from all over the region. However, our results, awards and market position have broken through the European borders, pitching the market from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

Talking about technology is nothing different in regards to our region, as we use the same SW and HW technology. We have an established base of international cooperation with leading companies such as Microsoft. The difference might be found within human resources: producing high­class, high­quality products to allow us to be found on the global market so as to broaden our business opportunities. Advancing forward is a hard thing nowadays. Without a unique product it is much harder to find a niche and build a successful business unit in and from the Central­European region.

Freelusion DanceFreelusion was created in 2009 as a side project of a group of event planning professionals. The idea was to produce and sell professional, high­quality 3D projection mapping services worldwide and compete with some well known US and European teams. Talking about the challenges of this idea makes no sense, since stepping onto a global market is always challenging for a rookie company based out of Hungary. Central Europe has always been a bit price sensitive compared to western European countries.

Freelusion DanceSelling high quality 3D mapping services in Hungary or in any of the V4 countries is more challenging than selling them in western Europe, the US or worldwide. Price is and always has been critical, so building a market leader position in this region without being flexible is almost impossible. Startups or company models like that of Freelusion have no option to have a stable and strong financial background at the beginning. Therefore, they need to be more effective with their operations and costs. Freelusion has decided to focus on the international market, pitching countries with higher solvent demand and lack of local professionals providing same services for competitive prices. With a perfect mix of local and international deals and by having our team and Hq in Central Europe we have reached our short and long term goals for the first 5 years and have become one of the top leaders worldwide.

Our long term strategy is to extend our presence worldwide by opening more offices throughout Europe, the Middle­East, Asia and the US. It would be a huge step, but also a big decision as this particular goal requires flexibility and conscious planning. After researching all the worldwide opportunities we can safely say that the market is ready for us, so all we need to do is take the leap.

Freelusion DanceFreelusion Dance


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