Chasing Billion Dollar Bots out of the Sauna Interview with Oszkar Rimoczi, Founder of

Oszkar Rimoczi

Oszkar Rimoczi

Oszkár Rimoczi’s startup, offers a solution that can ‘measure’ real traffic on websites. It offers a more transparent traffic measurement than Google Analytics. Why is it important? Better transparency in web-traffic measurement is crucial as a large percentage of visitors aren’t humans but computer codes called bots. These bots generate a non-effective pseudo-traffic making up 36% (!) of the 121 billion dollar web advertising market. This means a 41 billion dollars of fraud.

In other words, can uncover which advertising partner generates unusable traffic and therefore, prevent undue payments. The targets are advertisers and networks. ‘cleans’ the inventory of ad networks and gives them opportunity to have, show and sell real quality traffic.

Hello Oszkar! Let’s start at the beginning: What is your background and experience? And what about your team?

My personal background is in Payment and Transactional Anti-Fraud (7 years). I built up a semi-automatic anti fraud infrastructure for one of the top 50 alexa websites. Afterwards we also started to deal with advertising fraud. During the last 3 years of consultancy, I saw that companies were struggling with fraud in many ways due to the lack of transparency we have on the market now.

The team consists of business developers, anti-fraud, marketing, BI and Big Data professionals and developers. We’ve created a team to cover most aspects of the problem we deal with.

Where did you study?

Life 🙂 I started to learn programming at the Technical University of Budapest, but had to get a job to cover my expenses. To be honest, it wasn’t the best idea. I quickly realized that development was not my cup of tea. But, I tried to make the most of it: I gained some basic knowledge, which helped me to run IT projects later on and allowed me to understand how these systems needed to be built.

What do you do besides

Our consultancy business has been designed to be a small agency. We’ve had projects from development to running marketing campaigns, or helping clients to launch products on the market. Our goal has been to set up a structure, where we have an overall picture of our clients. In the last 6-12 months, we’ve also started to deal with clients who can get the most out of

Congrats on the amazing success at Slush 2013 Pitch Competition and on the 500,000 Euro prize! What do you think contributed to this success? Does it have anything to do with the fact that is from Hungary, a country with an enormous potential regardless of its struggling economy?

Thank you! I am pretty sure, Hungary has potential. We are smart, we just need more support from each other. The way I see it is that I ride only the good waves, but without ignoring what you hear from the media. Keep smiling on the bus, metro or tram as well, and you will stand out from the crowd 🙂

Slush put the cherry on our cake that was our Finnish trip. We had the chance to attend Startup Sauna, one of the best accelerator programs in Europe. The Fall session always ends when Slush takes place. At Startup Sauna, we had a wonderful opportunity to be coached on many verticals. First of all, I highly recommend startuppers to apply for the Spring session in Budapest, it is worth testing yourself. Even if you don’t pass, they’ll have great people to give you feedback. Ten minutes spent at Startup Sauna is worth more than months of work and research.

During the accelerator program we started to sharpen our skills, especially Gergo Varga’s skills and the pitch itself. We processed all the feedback we got during those weeks and designed the simplest slides as well as the best phrases to build into the pitch. We practiced, practiced and most importantly practiced a lot. Then, as we were standing on the stage, we heard our name, right after we learned that Startup Sauna had chosen us to take to Silicon Valley for a week with 5 other teams out of 19.

Just to make sure, we are on the same track – we won 500K EUR of investment. Which means that we need to work hard to get it, and agree on the terms between the investors and us.

Embrite.lyWhat are the next steps for  

Our vision is to become the security badge for the advertising industry.

The short-term goal is to have clients and partners on board from most segments of online advertising, such as ad network, advertisers or platforms. Now we are building a scalable system to support growth, and by the end of next year, we’d like to extend our services onto every platform and technology, such as mobile.

How far can go after the success at Slush and with the publicity you’ve received since then?

Good question, we are just riding the waves. We get enquiries from clients and investors as well. We’ve already managed to move forward with more of them. January and February will be the key to get the most out of it.

How important is it for you to continue building your company in Budapest? If you had the chance – would you like to move into Silicon Valley or to Finnland where your team spent a few months at Startap Sauna 2014? Or you would rather stay here in Hungary like the current ‘giants’ such as Prezi and Ustream?

The short answer is that some part of the company will definitely stay in Hungary. Whether we moved another part of the company somewhere else is a question for the future.

Thank you so much for your answers, I’m looking forward to seeing build a valuable cross-generation company for a more transparent internet. 

Thank you!



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