World-centered innovation design On Founding Neumann Society

have a seatThe time of human history that we live in is an epoch dubbed as the Internet Century, the Age of Innovation, the Human Era. Regardless of the latest buzzwords, we all know for a fact that this is an age where disruption is becoming the norm, information and knowledge are ubiquitously available, and the Cloud puts super-computing powers in your back pocket. This heretofore unprecedented liberation of access, expansion of means and power shift to the individual and creates unparalleled combination of opportunities. The ability of the individual and that of small communities to create colossal-scale impact at a mindbogglingly accelerated pace is finally at hand.

Creating impact has prerequisites. However, neither the mindset nor the models or institutions of cooperation have been set up  at the pace this new era would require. Innovators are divided by disciplinary, geographical and networking boundaries, as well as by interests and limitations driving funding. The attraction of ephemeral fame and short-term lucrative potential can be hard to withstand. Silicon Valley, the world’s innovation capital is no exception. Oftentimes, more funding and attention is dedicated to the latest manservant app than it would actually deserve.

Now that the genie is out of the bottle, we have to face the fact that unstoppable innovation is potentially the best and the worst thing that can happen to our society. We believe in the power of innovation unbound, but we believe that with great power comes great responsibility. We need mindful innovators to expand and not to exploit human consciousness with innovative ventures and breakthrough achievements. We have to work out ethical principles, connect the dots, provide the architecture of cooperation and facilitate the replication of next practices. We have to work twice as hard to ensure that new generations of smart creators will be raised not just with evermore sophisticated tools to deliver massive impact but with the mindset of an impact-conscious innovator.

Neumann Society is born out out the spillover effect of multiple, seemingly unrelated ideas pointing in one direction and finally taking shape as a solid concept among Silicon Valley innovators of Hungarian and European origin. We distilled a vast multitude of thoughts into one single goal: to create a unique cross-disciplinary culture of mindful innovators which can breed a global peer community capable of supercharging their own creativity.

Consequentially, we set out to create a transatlantic platform and ecosystem of meta-communities where like-minded individuals can share their voices about innovation. Innovation meta-communities are offline and online, local and global, inclusive and tight-knit. We want to foster serendipitous connections, strong communities and create a culture of principles- so that we and the next generations could live by them. We believe in our responsibility to support talent, especially young talent, to orientate them for social responsibility as a main driving force behind their future creations.

Our approach is cross-disciplinary by default: we are convinced that the first barriers are the artificial disciplinary boundaries imposed by ages bygone. We know that the winning archetype of this era will be a creator with a multidisciplinary skill-set and relentless intellectual curiosity

We can only succeed with a multi-stakeholder approach. Our potential partners come from all current sectors: business, academia government, non-profit organizations and professional associations. If we can operate by the same principles and similar mental frameworks, we trust that the pieces of this grand puzzle will fall into place easily.

Our aim is to forge an innovation network and prestigious community of Hungarian-American intelligentsia, headquartered in Silicon Valley – but encompassing the US and beyond- and to convene stakeholders from both sides of the Atlantic. Ultimately, the creative forces gathered by Neumann Society should serve as a bridge and push all aspects of transatlantic innovation to realize its inherent potential.

Will you join us for the ride?

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